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A Taste of Computer Security: Unix vs. Microsoft Windows
A relatively objective high-level view of Windows vs. Unix security, providing things to think about rather than saying which is better
Defeating the Stack Based Buffer Overflow Prevention Mechanism of Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
From the paper: "This paper presents several methods of bypassing the protection mechanism built into Microsoft’s Windows 2003 Server that attempts to prevent the exploitation of stack based buffer overflows. Recommendations about how to thwart these attacks are made where appropriate." (PDF)
eEye Digital Security - Upcoming Advisories
"An edited listing of recent vulnerabilities discovered by the eEye Research Team. Full details of each vulnerability will be disclosed to the public at the time a patch is released from the vendor."
Microsoft - Trustworthy Computing
Paper explaining Microsoft's "trustworthy computing" initiative
Microsoft Developer's Network (MSDN) - Bugs Database
Microsoft Developer's Network (MSDN) - Bugs Database
NSA Security Configuration Guides
The U.S. National Security Agency's Security Configuration Guides for proprietary and open source software
Seclists.Org Security Mailing List Archive
Web archive of many popular security mailing lists
Secunia Security Advisories by Product
Security advisories from the Secunia corporation organized by product. Some advisories contain multiple vulnerabilities.
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