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"There are people who don't like capitalism, and people who don't like PCs. But there's no one who likes the PC who doesn't like Microsoft." - Bill Gates

The Microsoft Corporation generates a wide variety of perceptions around the world. The general public appears to perceive Microsoft as the software company, the main source of computer functionality. Software developers often have a very pro- or anti-Microsoft stance. Direct competitors to Microsoft usually see them as ruthless and dangerous. Other software companies sometimes see them as a necessary evil; they don't like Microsoft but need them to survive. Many nations such as India and China do not like relying on a foreign corporation for a substancial part of their technical infrastructure. Therefore sentiment is often more anti-Microsoft in non-U.S. governments.

For software developers, power users, and technophiles there are generally two perceptions of Microsoft. Microsoft is an evil corporation gobbling up competitors, producing high priced low quality software, and hurting the computer industry. Or Microsoft is a good company providing the best software available today. It seems most people who learn the widest variety of software platforms have the former opinion. Many who hold the latter opinion have grown very comfortable with Microsoft software and don't give a genuine attempt to learn alternatives. All computer systems take time to learn and grow a natural comfort level. Microsoft's alternatives mostly just need to be given a fair chance by users.
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